Introduction to the Divorce Process

There are two Stages in the divorce process.

Stage 1 – Based on your legal requirement you are relying on, the court grants an Interim Judgement for Divorce (either on an uncontested basis where your spouse agrees to the divorce per se and all ancillary matters*, or on the contested basis where you prove your case).

Stage 2 – Only after the ancillary issues (children, money, division of matrimonial assets) have been agreed by both parties or decided by the Court at an Ancillary Hearing, will you be granted the Final Judgment for Divorce*.

*Even if all matters are agreed upon within the first stage, the law requires parties to wait a minimum of 3 months to extract the Final Judgment. It is only after the Final Judgment is obtained are parties allowed to remarry.

Mediation is offered by the Family Justice Court at both stages to help parties come to an amicable resolution to save time and costs and possible acrimony.

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