Protecting Children & Fair Division of Matrimonial Assets (Ancillary Matters)

It is important to note that the underlying principle concerning the Court’s decisions affecting children is that it must be in the welfare and best interest of the children. As your confidential advisors, we are able to understand your concerns and advise you on the law on what the likely outcome will be.

Custody – the responsibility to make decisions regarding the child (education, religion etc).

Care & Control – who the child will live with and who will care for them.

Access – rights of children to see the other parent whom does not have care and control.

Assets – division is based the parties respective shares on their direct financial contributions and indirect contributions.

It is prudent to do a Will if you are considering divorce proceedings as your spouse is entitled to 50% of your estate until the divorce is finalised.

If you need advice and support in this area, please contact us to make appointment.

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