Family and Private Wealth lawyer Lim Fung Peen, director at Singapore law firm Yuen Law LLC

I have found my calling in helping clients find practical legal solutions, meticulously listening to understand them from the start, and holding their hands through the sometimes bewildering legal process.

Barrister-at-law (Middle Temple) Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore

LLB (Hon) London

Fung Peen is a veteran lawyer in Singapore with a special focus in family and private wealth matters. He is a valuable ally and counsel, helping many clients reach an amicable resolution to their lawsuit, be it commercial or family matters.


  • Private Wealth & Trust Advisory
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Mental Capacity Applications
  • Family & Adoption
  • Matrimonial & Divorce
  • Real Estate
  • Criminal
  • Labour & Employment

I have found my calling in helping clients find practical legal solutions, meticulously listening to understand them from the start, and holding their hands through the sometimes bewildering legal process.

Language Proficiency

English, Chinese

Lim Fung Peen is a Director and the Head of Private Wealth Practice at Yuen Law LLC.

A veteran of over 25 years in the legal industry, Fung Peen specialises in Private Client matters. These include matters and proceedings relating to adoption, bankruptcy, conveyancing, divorce, Mental Capacity Act, personal protection orders, personal injury, power of attorney, as well as wills and probate/administration applications.

His book, “Lasting Power of Attorney: A Guide to the LPA”, stems from a personal and professional conviction that all persons should plan ahead to protect their personal welfare and assets, should they become mentally incapacitated due to dementia, an illness or accident.

Fung Peen’s clients also benefit from his substantial experience in conveyancing and conveyancing related matters, such as tenancies and leases, actions for distress, recovery of rental in arrears and applications in the High Court for forced sales.

His affable disposition and personal approach in dealing with cases helps clients feel at ease, even as he helps them navigate and emerge from sometimes sticky and distressing legal quagmires. He also believes that clients should not be hamstrung from receiving outstanding legal advice and representation due to exorbitant lawyers fees, and has maintained reasonable rates.

A firm believer in mediation, Fung Peen has actively and successfully guided many clients to reach an amicable resolution to their lawsuit, be it a commercial matter or divorce.

Fung Peen is also an experienced criminal lawyer, and has robustly represented clients who have had brushes with the law to achieve a fair outcome. He is also known for pioneering the successful defence of clients charged with fraudulent trading at the Court of Appeal.

His legal expertise extends to corporate and commercial matters, debt recovery, disputes, building and construction matters, winding up, personal injuries claims, landlord and tenancy matters, employment disputes.

His clients include high-net-worth individuals, Government statutory boards and well known MNCs, listed companies and SMEs. He has also helped set up family trusts and facilitated family-owned businesses in succession planning.

  • Acting for the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board to act in prosecutions against errant employers, to recover contributions due to CPF members
  • Defended clients in the High Court and in the Court Of Appeal in the first report case of fraudulent trading under Section 340 of the Companies Act
  • Successfully obtained care and control in favour of a working mother and for the flat to be transferred to her. Upheld on appeal to the High Court
  • Successfully obtained care and control in favour of a father, and resisted a claim on the matrimonial property. Upheld on appeal to the High Court
  • Successfully obtained an annulment for a marriage over 3 years
  • Acted for client in her divorce and successfully defended her ex-husband’s appeal in High Court, obtaining judgment in her favour securing custody, sole care and control and the matrimonial property
  • Acted for client in a contested Mental Capacity Act application over patient’s estate, obtaining joint application where the other deputy had to repay estate the debt owed to the patient
  • Successful Mental Capacity Act application where the applicant was not a blood relative of the patient
  • Obtained power to buy and invest property in a Mental Capacity Act application
  • Defended client and reduced charges from rioting with dangerous weapon to simple rioting
  • Successfully obtained Grant of Letters of Administration where the deceased was domicile in Korea
  • Successfully obtained nullity of marriage for a Japanese client after 2 years of marriage

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News about Lim Fung Peen

Family practice requires much empathy and a strong sense of right and wrong — plus a huge dose of common sense. Many times, it is very raw and, as a lawyer, I am often faced with emotional elements. I always keep a cool head, without losing my sense of empathy.

Articles by Lim Fung Peen

Yuen Law Testimonial

Yuen Law is focused on achieving the most desired outcomes and importantly in accordance to the client’s best interests. Staff of Yuen Law are compassionate, genuinely friendly, helpful and courteous. Their expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations, where they have handled a difficult opposing party. Yuen Law provides prompt and excellent services. During times where urgent responses were required, Mr Lim and his team provided their attention to my case and ensured that they follow through every detail carefully.

Ang Li Ping
12 July 2021
Yuen Law Testimonial

I felt very secured after talking to Mr Lim about my divorce case and well directed of what I should do next. The sincerity of help I got from him was very much appreciated. I would recommend to others for his honesty, kindness and good attitude be it a uncontested case. He is definitely a trusted lawyer to depend on for your case.

4 March 2021
Yuen Law Testimonial

We would like to thank Fung Peen, Kaysha and your team from the bottom of our heart for taking up our adoption case on a professional and yet very friendly level, which makes us feel very comfortable. I liked that you and your team, especially Kaysha, kept us constantly updated on the details on the processes of the adoption and what to do next, and also answered all our queries without delay. I would highly recommend Fung Peen and his awesome team for those going through the same adoption process as us.

Muhamed Mujahidin
22 January 2021
Yuen Law Testimonial

I engaged Yuen Law to help my parents with the conveyancing of their property sale. Fung Peen and his team were not only highly competent in handling the transaction, they were also very patient in explaining the whole process, and guiding me and my parents through the whole process step-by-step. I would highly recommend them, because of their professionalism, integrity, and human touch.

Eugene Chua
22 January 2021
Yuen Law Testimonial

I needed to get a grant of probate after my dad passed away and was recommended to Yuen Law by my dad’s investment officer. Mr Lim Fung Peen and Kaysha were very helpful and understanding, giving me sound advice throughout the process of me obtaining the grant. Thank you once again for the help.

Melvin Liew
17 December 2020
Yuen Law Testimonial

Mr Lim Fung Peen, Kaysha and team have been a great help and even a source of comfort during the most difficult time. When I was on the lookout for legal services to settle the marital case, what drew me to them were the reviews stating that the team was empathetic and efficient — and they were! They listened to me with both compassion, empathy and professionalism, and I greatly appreciated that. The fees were reasonable. They were also professional, efficient and clear in their explanations as well. Updates were timely as well. While I wish no marital troubles on anyone, if you ever need a lawyer, Mr Lim and team are a great choice.

6 November 2020
Yuen Law Testimonial

Highly recommended! I worked with Mr Lim Fung Peen on getting legal advice for an employment-related case. He and his team was very professional, prompt and thorough throughout the whole engagement. I am sure there will be more working opportunities in the future!

Diana Chang
6 November 2020
Yuen Law Testimonial

Talk about the law and lawyers, and you’d probably have “expensive”, “cold and hard” in your mind. But at Yuen Law, all you’d find is compassion, empathy, kindness and grace. As a financial advisor, I often find myself needing legal advice to be able to do my job well. It is always comforting and enlightening to seek advice from Fung Peen, one of the most down-to-earth and humble lawyers I’ve met. It’s easy to trust him because his genuine care for the interest of his clients is almost instantly felt by the questions he asks and the advice he gives. Without a doubt, Yuen Law is a partner of choice for me!

Hwei Min Lee
30 June 2019
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