How do I start the Divorce Process?

Every case is different, with different circumstances and challenges. The best way to start is to make an appointment with us so that we can understand your needs and your case. Once we do that we can better help and guide you, whether it is uncontested or contested, whether the issue is children or money or assets.

If your spouse contests your “reason for divorce“, you will have to provide evidence by way of documents or witnesses to persuade the Court that it is true, e.g. emails, images, recordings etc. If before starting divorce proceedings, we will assess the weight of the evidence and advise you accordingly.

For children’s and wife’s maintenance, it would be very helpful start if you have a detailed list of monthly and annual expenses, e.g. household, personal (food, clothes, transport), educational, medical, insurance etc.

For matrimonial assets, it would be important to have documentary evidence of direct financial contributions e.g. CPF Housing statement, bank statement, title deeds. Indirect contributions can consist of evidence of housekeeping, purchase of household items, renovation etc.

Based on the above important information we will be able to guide you in making proposals for settlement in an uncontested divorce and prepare your divorce court documents for both contested and uncontested proceedings.

For assistance on divorce process, please contact us to make appointment.

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