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Yuen Law prides itself on being business problem solvers first and foremost. We bring to the table many years of multimillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions experiences, for clients ranging from MNCs to SMEs and start-ups.

In the 2021 edition of asialaw Profiles recognised Yuen Law as a Notable firm in the practice area of Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions.

We are a small boat in the ocean, setting big waves into motion.

Samuel Yuen, Managing Director of Yuen Law LLC

We work with venture capitalists, manufacturers, fintech firms, biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, medical clinics, retailers and social enterprises both in Singapore and overseas, advising them on acquisitions, mergers, collaborations, spin-offs, joint ventures, divestitures, and strategic alliances.

M&A deals are complex problem-solving puzzles, where everything from the availability of financing to relevant laws and the political climate, to the business fundamentals of the players all influence the deal. Preferably, we start at the very beginning with the client, where we seek to understand the business and emotional motivations for a particular deal.

Concurrently, we usually conduct due diligences and join in initial negotiations. When we have a broad framework of consensus with both parties, we assist in structuring the transaction.

For deals involving players within the same industry or space, there may be additional regulatory and antitrust clearance requirements. If either party is a foreign entity, and the deal could be subject to foreign law, we have a network of leading law firms worldwide to give the best advice to support the deal. This support goes all the way to the merger or sale documentation, and to contract signing.

Oftentimes, post transaction there may be a lot of integration and support required, and we provide these services usually in the form of shareholder agreements, employment agreements, and other forms of compliances.

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