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Yuen Law understands that for all businesses, human talent is the game changer and its management, an art yet a science. Whatever the size of your organization, we offer a suite of human resource advisory services that can help you take your organisation to the next level and beyond. 

We offer a wide range of legal advisory services, ranging from developing HR policies and drafting of employment contracts, to the management of legal obligations arising out of terminations and resignations, including but not limited to NC2NS (non-competition, non-circumvention and non-solicitation) clauses.

We consult on termination policies to advise organisations on their contractual obligations under the employment agreement or statutory obligations under the Employment Act. 

During a termination, retrenchment or redundancy exercise,  ensure that your organisation’s interests are protected, and advise on enforcement of surviving clauses post termination, including non-disclosure agreements, restraint of trade clauses such as non-circumvention and non solicitation of clients, employees and vendors. 

We also consult on the following matters:

  1. Employment related disputes
  2. Employee misconduct
  3. Trade union negotiations and collective agreements
  4. Legality of relocation packages for expatriate employees
  5. Employment pass applications and other work-related pass applications
  6. Data protection and PDPA compliance.

Should your business or organisation need to handle a HR-related legal matter, we are more than happy to represent you. 

Yuen Law LLC provides assistance regarding human resource advisory services. Do contact us to make an appointment.

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