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Employment agreements are legal documents that set the tone of the employee working relationship, and promote behavioural norms. They strike a balance between protecting the interests of the organisation and that of employees. Whether as an organisation or employee, Yuen Law can help you navigate this employment milestone, so you can have engaged and productive employees, or work as one.

For Employers

As an employer, you need to navigate through the tripartite guidelines on fair employment practices, and the rapidly changing employment norms such as work-from-home arrangements, the morphing definitions of employee productivity, as well as how to maintain a happy, engaged workforce when everything about “business as usual” has changed. There might be a need to update your employee agreements and handbook to reflect changing realities.

Yuen Law works with organisations from multinational corporations to SMEs, to advise on the drafting of employment agreements to best address the human resource challenges that concern you most. The basis for our capabilities is our fluency and deep understanding of Singapore employment law.

Depending on your industry, you may place a premium on confidentiality agreements, non-compete clauses that are enforceable, and streamlined severance or restructuring procedures.

Despite your best efforts, employment disputes sometimes may happen. You will need to settle them quickly, tactfully, and at the same time protect the organisation’s interests. Yuen Law can help resolve such disputes, especially those centred around termination of employment.

For Employees

If you have concerns about an employment agreement you are about to sign, we can help by examining it legally and advising you on your options. Most clauses in employment contracts are in place to protect the organisation, but when they get all-encompassing, you have every cause to be concerned.

Especially concerning could be provisions that limit what you can do after leaving the company or your term of employment, contract renewals, or overly complicated remuneration terms. You may also be concerned on where the contract complies with Singapore labour laws and accordingly its enforceability.

If you are in dispute with your current employer, this is a sensitive situation and needs to be handled with care. Yuen Law has extensive experience with such situations and are able to help you seek to retain your contractual entitlements while hopefully maintaining your working relationships. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, we can also help you seek redress.

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