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Businesses transact on agreements with their customers and partners. Oral contracts are legally recognised, but the terms of verbal agreements between parties are hard to prove in the eyes of the law. Putting things in black and white takes ambiguity and selective memory out of the equation. Our lawyers take care of the broad terms and the fine print, to ensure your interests are well protected.

How contracts are drafted, its terms and conditions, affect the viability of the deals in a very real way. Should a dispute arise, the wording and interpretation of the contents of a contract become central to pursuing your claims. From drafting a fresh agreement, to vetting existing contract terms, and interpretation of the terms of an existing agreement, Yuen Law can help you get to the final form of a contract most advantageous for you.

Yuen Law has extensive specialisations for common contract types. If you’re buying, selling, or merging companies, please consult our mergers & acquisitions service section. If you’re entering into joint ventures, or working with other parties as a shareholder of a company, our joint ventures & shareholder agreements service section can help you. If you’re a HR organization, please use the employment agreements service section.

Customised commercial contracts are also essential to protecting various aspects of business operations. These agreements include the sale of goods and services, collaboration, supply & distribution, profit-sharing, sales & agency, outsourcing, licensing, and sponsorship.

Smaller businesses and start-ups may be tempted to work off contract templates. However, our lawyers do their utmost to understand your unique needs and the realities of your industry, and bring invaluable legal and strategic hindsight and foresight to the drafting of a bespoke contract to cover and anticipate your business needs. For any deal involving large sums and significant risks, there is often too much at stake not to get a contract professionally drawn up.

From start-ups to multinationals, we work with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of development. In today’s globally connected business environment, very often you may encounter contracts and agreements from another jurisdiction, and written in languages other than English. Yuen Law has all the expertise you need to help you sign the deal, and ensure your commercial objectives are met, while minimising risks in multi-jurisdictional, multilingual environments.

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