How to Make a Will?

Making a Will In Singapore

You need to let us have the following:-

  1. The details of yourself, your beneficaries, executor and guardians. We require copies of their identity cards/passports or birth certificate to verify these details so nothing is omitted (eg. chinese names, hanyu pinyin):
    1. Full name;
    2. ID no (NRIC/Passport);
  2. Your instructions on the assets you own and how you wish to distribute them. For example everything I own to my 3 beneficiaries : My wife shall receive 40%, my children shall receive 40% & my parents shall receive 20% etc.

We will provide legal advice based on your wishes. It is common for trusts to be incorporated in wills to provide for beneficiaries that are minors, with special needs, the elderly, or a charity – we will also give legal advice on gifts to this special class of beneficiaries.

Only you need to attend at our office to sign your will and we will advise you on how to properly keep you Will. Your executor(s) and/or guardian need not attend or sign your will.

You should bear in mind that CPF funds are not affected by your will as it is governed by a CPF nomination. Insurance policies- you should check with your agent as it may have nominated beneficiaries and also do not fall under the will.  Your will covers cash, shares, bank account, HDB flat if in sole name, condo, landed property, car, jewellery etc.

For your convenience, you can consult us by email. We try our best to accommodate you and minimize the number of visits you make to our office.

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