How to Start the Grant of Probate Process

Grant of Probate Process

To start, the Executor or Administrator should see a lawyer and bring along the following (as far as possible):

    1. Original death certificate;
    2. Original will, if any;
    3. Identity cards of executor/administrator and beneficiaries;
    4. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, and death certificate of next-of-kin;
    5. list of assets (and value as of date of death)  in Singapore and overseas with supporting documents e.g. bank statement, insurance policy, share certificates etc;
    6. Foreign Grant for resealing, with certified true copies and translations;
    7. Inheritance Certificate from Syariah Court for Muslims.

Where there is no will, the family first needs to agree who will be the Administrator(s). Once the family has decided the Court requires the other family members to renounce their right to apply to Court as Administrator by signing a Court document which we will prepare known as a Renunciation. This does not affect the family member(s) entitlement under law to their respective share of the assets of the estate. Where there are beneficiaries under 21 years of age the Court requires a co-administrator and sureties to safeguard the interest of a minor.

Once Probate or Letter of Administration is granted, the family will be able to transfer assets (flat, shares, car, club membership etc) to spouse or children or charity, close bank accounts, and collect insurance payments.

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