Singapore Lawyer, Kevin Chua Publishes Book “Contract Smart”

Congratulations to Our Senior Director, Kevin Chua on the launch of his book, “Contract Smart — Understanding Contract Law in Singapore”.

Learn All About Contracts Under Singapore Law

This book explains legal concepts for the layperson. This second edition is an update to the must-have guide for every businessperson who wants to understand how the law applies to business dealings. The edition covers new aspects such as (literally) smart contracts associated with blockchain technology, digital signatures and even how contracts are made and broken under complex circumstances such as a pandemic.

Contract Smart Now In Major Bookstores

Contract Smart is now available at these major bookstores:
Time the bookshop
WH Smith (airport)

And online at:

About The Author

Kevin Chua

Kevin Chua is a Senior Director at Yuen Law. He heads Yuen Law’s Regulatory and Compliance team under our Corporate Practice Group. He has been a lawyer in both the public sector and private practice for the past 20 years. As a legal officer posted to the then-Registry of Companies and Businesses, now known as the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, and dealing with members of the public every day, Kevin witnessed first-hand how ordinary citizens can frequently be affected not just by the criminal law everyone is familiar with, but also the laws that govern our civilian lives.

Connect with Kevin here.

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