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A divorce need not be acrimonious and protracted. For those we seek a “friendly” or uncontested divorce, we provide practical legal solutions to protect our client’s interests by way of an amicable settlement as far as possible. 

In the case of a contested divorce, we see through the case to the end with a fair outcome for our clients. 

During this difficult and sensitive time, we work to understand your specific needs and concerns before we work out with you the solutions for the best possible outcomes. As far as possible, we seek an amicable divorce settlement, saving you time, money and acrimony. We have valuable experience to guide you, be it the courtroom or at a mediation session.

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances. The reasons for the marriage breakdown differ, along with the mix of assets and properties, children, and even pets. Certain societal pressures may also be at play. However, interpretations of events may differ, and it may not always be possible for both parties to agree on everything. Your spouse may not even want a divorce. In situations like these, it’s all the more important to let us help you early in the process

Uncontested Divorce

During the pre-divorce stage where you and your spouse wish to make an attempt to have a divorce settlement, we can assist to advise and help in negotiations. Having a settlement with you and your spouse agreeing on all details to end your marriage amicably, an uncontested divorce greatly simplifies the process and reduces costs.

Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse are unable to reach a settlement and need to proceed with a contested divorce, we will strive to protect your rights for a fair and reasonable outcome. Even through a contested divorce, there will be opportunities to mediate a settlement, where possible we will try and help you, to simultaneously achieve a mediated settlement on selected less contentious issues, so that only the truly contentious ancillary matters will be litigated at trial. 

Regardless of your situation, we will help you conclude the proceedings as amicably as possible, to achieve fair and equitable outcomes

Post Divorce Proceedings

We are able help you in post-divorce with matters including the sale or transfer of your property (e.g. HDB, condo or landed).

After the divorce final judgment has been granted to you, there could be changes to your circumstances, and you may wish to amend the orders (e.g. access to children and maintenance of former spouse and children). We can help you assess the situation and apply to the court to amend the Court Order.

Yuen Law is ranked by The Straits Times as one of Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2021 in Family Law, as well as Inheritance and Succession Law.

The Family & Private Wealth Practice is led by veteran lawyer Lim Fung Peen, who is supported associate Kayshavani Kuppusamy.

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