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Yuen Law Singapore law firm - child custody, care and control

Custody, Care & Control of Children

The custody, care and control of children in the midst of divorces are likely to be difficult and fraught with emotion. Yuen Law can help you minimise the drama while ensuring your interests and that of your children are protected.

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Yuen Law Singapore law firm - deputyship for mentally incapacitated

Deputyship Application

Yuen Law can help you apply to the court to be a loved one’s Deputy, to settle financial and legal matters while your loved one has lost his or her mental capacity. We advise families how to better prepare for the application, so you know exactly what you need to do.

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Yuen Law Singapore law firm - marriage annulment


Yuen Law can help you annul your marriage in a tactful manner. Contact us so we can understand how we can help you.

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Yuen Law Singapore law firm - adoption process

Child Adoption

If your heart is set on adopting a child, talk to Yuen Law to find out your prospects and to work out the legal arrangements.

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Two Businesspeople Hand With Document


With empathy and the best professional standards, we help you get the best possible outcomes in your divorce, while minimising your legal expenses and acrimony. We are ranked by The Straits Times as one of Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2021 in Family Law.

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