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Yuen Law helps you with applications to register your intellectual property (IP) such as trademarks, designs and patents in Singapore. With our network of foreign associate firms, we can help with overseas applications as well.

Intellectual properties are the creations of mind and are intangible assets which may be found in physical objects. Using the mobile phone as an example, your purchase of the phone is limited to the actual physical unit you paid for; you do not own the intangible assets that make up the phone. These include the trademarks of the mobile phone brand (eg “Samsung” or “Apple”), the physical and technical designs of the phone itself (eg “Galaxy S Ultra”) and the patents granted for the manufacturing process. (eg “TSMC 5 nanometer process”)                                                                                  

In the same way, your businesses may contain a variety of IP assets or rights that could (and should) be protected and commercialized. Even a bricks and mortar business would typically own trade names and logos, copyrights in brochures, photographs of merchandise, franchise & distribution rights, and proprietary designs and inventions.

IP assets are becoming increasingly vital to the success of any business venture. They must be adequately protected, so you can continue to enjoy exclusive use of these assets or to commercialise them for profit. Yuen Law is well positioned to advise you on profiting from your IP assets, through distribution, franchising, IP licensing, or brand management processes.

The first step in this process is usually the protection of your IP rights, whether by registration or, where applicable, through the deployment of a suite of self-help measures.

The registration process for IP rights is an art form, not science. The actual registration mechanics differ for trademarks, designs, and patents, but they all need the appropriate descriptions as well as the right scope of protections. If not, it could be open to challenges or easily worked around, rendering the legal protections ineffective.

It is also absolutely vital that the right kind of pre-application checks be carried out so that your IP application minimises the risk of objections or oppositions.

The Yuen Law Way ensures that each application is thoroughly checked for potential conflicts, objections and oppositions, and the assessment of the likelihood of such occurrences. Our checks are performed at no added costs to our clients because we care about securing registration, not protracting problem solving. That’s why a high percentage  of our clients successfully secure their trademark registrations without undergoing objections or oppositions to their initial applications.

Yuen Law’s experienced intellectual property (IP) lawyers can assist you with the registration of your intellectual property. Do contact us for an appointment.

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