Construction Claims

Yuen Law Singapore law firm Disputes Resolution - Construction claims, including work performance, defects, etc

Construction claims are likely to be legally and technically complex, typically involving large sums of money and having cascading consequences for all parties involved. Yuen Law acts for all players in the construction industry,  from commercial developers, sub-contractors,  architects, engineers, Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST), to home owners involved in construction projects. 

Oftentimes, claims are a result of challenging conditions leading to an unforeseen change, or some type of non-performance as per the contract terms. These could be errors and omissions, payments, defects, variation orders, delay and disruptions from loss of productivity, suspension and termination, property damage,  or disputes over insurance coverage. 

Our lawyers have extensive expertise of  the construction and engineering  industry, and possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legal and commercial issues that arise through the course of a project.  The team works collaboratively with clients to arrive at the most ideal resolution, and minimise costly litigation.. 

Besides litigation, Yuen Law has extensive experience in other forms of construction disputes resolution, such as mediation, arbitration, adjudication, and, if the situation permits, multi-party private negotiations. Your claims do not always have to be resolved in the courts. 

Yuen Law LLC provides assistance on matters regarding construction claims. Do contact us to make an appointment.

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