We do not hire lawyers: we hire legal practitioners.

Anyone with a law degree can be a lawyer. To be a legal practitioner with us, you must have the requisite know-how and street-smarts to forward think and to further the agenda of one’s client. Legal practitioners are passionate about the law, commercially minded about the transaction and compassionate towards their clients. Legal practitioners are gentlemen and ladies, gracious in victory as well as defeat. and respectful towards fellow human beings.

We believe in investing in our people and developing our legal practitioners to their fullest potential and to help each of our legal practitioners build a practice legacy that they can each be proud of. The following opportunities are available:

  • Practitioners with 0 to 2 years PQE (Corporate).

If you have what it takes and want to be a part of our dynamic team, write in to us at, with your detailed CV. Resumes are discouraged.


You are not just a secretary. You hold up the other half of the sky.

As a forward thinking practice keen to stay ahead of the curve, we have phased out the role of secretaries. Instead, we train and empower members of our support team in administrative roles to handle a wide range of issues in the running of our practice, including client facing roles and responsibilities. The support team member stands back to back, shoulder to shoulder, and arm in arm with our legal practitioner to meet your legal needs.

We like to work with self-motivated, wise and humble team players who are focused on service delivery. Roles available include:

  • Business executives;
  • Finance executives;
  • Office executives;
  • Practice executives; and
  • Technical executives.

If you have what it takes and want to be a part of our dynamic team, write in to us at, with your detailed CV. Resumes are discouraged.


Disciples become Masters in time.

Our firm’s trainees are gems in the rough that once selected, we polish with great care to discover their brilliance and buff out weaknesses. Our firm believes that each gem is unique and we seek to bring out the unique strengths of each trainee.

It will not be a walk in the park: you will not be mollycoddled, but you will be thrown in at the deep end either. Academic brilliance is a given; initiative prized; passion and resilience rewarded.

We do not take in more than 1 trainee per Practice Group each year. Every individual selected for our training programme is guaranteed retention.

If you are keen to build your practice fundamentals and be considered for one of our coveted training places, submit your detailed CV and academic transcripts to Resumes are discouraged. Applicants who have completed less than 3 full academic years of the relevant LLB course will not be considered.


Our internships are fully immersive experiences. You are not a copy boy or a coffee girl and you will get the full taste and flavour of practice life. Interns are required to commit to a 1 month internship. Please apply to with your detailed CV and your available dates. Resumes are discouraged.