Yuen Law LLC is a mid-sized Singapore law practice. We are positioning ourselves for growth and looking to add to our team the following:

  • Associate Director (Corporate): no less than 7 years PQE.
  • Associate (Corporate): between 2 to 4 years PQE.

Beyond the obvious technical and skills prerequisites, we are on the lookout for unique individuals who are passionate, creative and compassionate.

To apply, you must possess an aptitude for service, the ability to provide customer-oriented solutions and a desire to be challenged. If you would like to be considered for an employment position, please apply here:


Please find out more about our open positions here:



We take your development seriously. You are the future of the legal practice in Singapore.

We take our roles as your mentors seriously and do not believe that our interns and trainees should be copy boys and coffee girls. You will be thrown into the deep end.  You will be challenged. You will be given every opportunity to learn as well as to discover your strengths and aptitude. We do not reward our interns monetarily.  We believe that our impartation of skills, experience and life lessons will provide you a meaningful work experience.

If you would like to be considered for traineeship with Yuen Law, please write to the Recruitment Director at



Please be informed that:

  • Applications for call dates in 2018 and 2019 will no longer be considered.
  • Applications for call dates in 2020 will be considered only after 30 June 2019.
  • Only applications from undergraduates who have completed at least 3 full academic years of the LLB program will be considered.



If you would like to apply for an internship position with Yuen Law, please write to the Internship Director at

Please be informed that:

  • We are receiving application for internship places for year-end internships in 2017 and 2018.


Hear is what out interns have to share about their Yuen Law experience:

What I enjoyed about my internship 

The thing I liked most about my internship experience was the amount of exposure I got across different areas of legal practice – from corporate, to conveyance, to Intellectual property. This was especially crucial in affirming my choice to pursue a law because it allowed me to see the legal profession in a more holistic light. Even though I lacked experience, I was given the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience with drafting of legal documents. More importantly, my mentors took the time to review my work with me and gave me invaluable feedback on how I could improve.

Another unique element to my experience at Yuen Law was the mentorship by Samuel and Fung Peen. On top of guiding me in a technical sense, they constantly challenged me and questioned why I chose to study law. They shared with me their approach to the legal profession in hopes that I would find my future career in law to be fulfilling. I felt that the people in Yuen Law were truly invested in my learning and growth, everyone was very willing to help and guide me whenever I required assistance and for that I am immensely grateful.

What I learned from my internship

Aside from the technical knowledge that I picked up, I learnt about many other aspects of legal practice. For instance, I got to experience and learn about the business development aspect of legal practice through attending networking events. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to witness the lawyers’ interactions with clients by sitting in various client meetings. My learning at Yuen Law was extremely wholesome.

Bryan Lee, Pre-Law student