Family & Private Wealth Lawyer Kayshavani Kuppusamy, senior associate at Singapore law firm Yuen Law LLC

My personal approach is grounded in pragmatism, seeking practical resolutions that prioritise the well-being of families and children in every unique situation.

Kayshavani Kuppusamy

Associate Director
Family Practice Group

Advocate and Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

LLB, Murdoch University, Class of 2016

Kayshavani Kuppusamy is a seasoned lawyer known for her versatility and dedication to achieving positive outcomes for her clients across a spectrum of family matters such as divorce law, estate matters, wealth protection, and inheritance. She also dabbles in criminal practice.


  • Estate Planning (Wills and Probate)
  • Private Wealth & Trust Advisory
  • Criminal
  • Wealth protection
  • Inheritance
  • Succession planning

My personal approach is grounded in pragmatism, seeking practical resolutions that prioritise the well-being of families and children in every unique situation.

Language Proficiency

English, Mandarin, Tamil

Kayshavani Kuppusamy is an Associate Director with Yuen Law’s Family Practice Group.

Kayshavani has extensive experience in all areas of family and divorce law, estate matters, wealth protection, inheritance and succession planning. She helps clients with wills, trusts, and private family agreements for wealth preservation, and has represented clients in various contested proceedings in the Family Courts. These include matrimonial proceedings, concerning custody, care and control and access, maintenance issues, enforcement proceedings, and deputyship applications.

Kayshavani’s clientele includes individuals, couples and families who are locals, expatriates, and foreigners in contentious and non-contentious matters. Her clients value her collaborative approach with their legal problems, finding cost-effective solutions without going to court and reaching an amicable settlement.

Her ability to empathise with others is especially appreciated by Yuen Law’s family clients. She is a new breed of lawyers who passionately embrace the spirit of therapeutic justice demanded by the Family Justice Court. To this end, she strives to achieve favourable outcomes for her client through amicable means such as negotiation and mediation.

Where a settlement is not possible, she is not one to shy away from a contested matter be it in the Family Court or High Court. Where necessary, she is prepared to journey with the client all the way to trial and prepare the client for this journey.

Kayshavani also provides counsel on criminal matters and has represented clients charged with various offences under the Penal Code, Road Traffic Act and the Societies Act. These charges include unlawful assembly, rioting, grievous bodily harm, assault, being a member of an unlawful society, drink-driving, and various other offences.

Outside of legal practice, Kayshavani is involved in organising social and educational activities for young children placed in group homes and delivering milk and diapers to the underprivileged. She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.

  • Represented a wife in a highly contentious divorce case as Lead Counsel and obtained a favourable outcome. Successfully defended against the husband’s appeal and obtained costs in favour of the wife, securing custody, sole care and control of the children, and the matrimonial property. Notably, the Ancillary Matters were highly contested with four Ancillary Matter Affidavits filed and exchanged and several interlocutory applications made by both parties. VDF v VDG [2019] SGFC 135
  • Represented a husband in a contested ancillary matter proceeding. Successfully defended against a majority of the wife’s claims and obtained a favourable outcome for the husband which allowed him to retain the matrimonial home. Successfully persuaded the court that the bulk of the payment to be made to the wife ought to be made in CPF rather than cash. Notably, this was a close to 9-year marriage with no children and the matrimonial home was purchased in the husband’s sole name following the marriage.
  • Represented the Respondent in a contested POHA application made by the Applicant’s Father on behalf of a minor child with learning disabilities, accusing the Respondent of committing violence against the child. Successfully negotiated for the Applicant’s father to withdraw the POHA application and all police complaints made against the Respondent. Successfully obtained a settlement agreement that offered protection to the Respondent and the Child’s mother.
  • Represented the Applicant in a Deputyship Application which was contested by his brother, the Respondent, who made a cross-application to be the deputy instead. Successfully negotiated a favourable outcome for the Applicant, this included the repayment of a debt owed by the Respondent to the patient through periodic monthly payment, and securing the Applicant’s entitlement to his share of the monies in the event that the patient passes away before the debt was fully repaid.
  • Represented the wife in a contested interim maintenance application against the husband and independently conducted a Maintenance Support Services (MSS) trial including preparation of AEICs, cross-examination of witnesses, and preparation of closing submissions. Successfully obtained backdated interim maintenance for wife and child spanning nine months while pending the divorce.
  • Made a compelling case and successfully obtained a Mental Capacity Order which allowed the Deputy to sell the condominium held jointly by the Deputy and Patient and retain 100% of the nett sale proceeds in the Deputy’s sole name.
  • Represented a childcare centre in negotiating an out-of-court settlement for a claim brought against them and successfully reducing the claim amount by more than 50%.
  • Successfully negotiated on behalf of the estate for a favourable settlement of S$75,000 for a personal injury claim.
  • Provided advisory to a Society and liaise with employees of the Society to draft the Society’s Constitution. Advise the Society on trust matters including preparing and drafting Trust Deeds for properties held on trust by members of the society.

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I believe that a good family lawyer’s heart for clients is in preserving family bonds and charting pathways to amicable solutions.

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Yuen Law Testimonial

Kayshavani was assigned to us and she really took the time to understand our situation and goals, and tailoring her services to our specific needs which was highly appreciated.

Damien Arnaud
December 2023
Yuen Law Testimonial

The professionalism and approachability from lawyer Kayshavani deserve recognition.

Larry Tan
November 2023
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