“Yuen Law was recommended by another law firm, as a boutique firm that was experienced with capital market work. Yuen Law has great team work. An outstanding member of the team is Pei Lih who did a great job anchoring the project.”

Paul Edwards, AM Group Limited

“I needed a service agreement that was unique to my business, a marketing technology company. Yuen Law was able to provide applicable advice on how to protect my business in the ever fast changing social media landscape. I like Yuen Law’s approachable format, overall the team made a great effort.”

Michelle Lam, The Little Black Book

“Fung Peen and Pei Lih provided good insights and practical advice on the selection of our donees for our LPAs, and the selection of guardians and trustee of our estate. On the day of signing of our wills, Pei Lih ran through a couple of scenarios, so that we could really think through what we want to happen under each scenarios. Our wills were correspondingly better worded to address those scenarios. Both Fung Peen and Pei Lih were patient to answer all my queries and concerns pertaining to our LPAs and wills. I felt comfortable and was able to trust the sound and logical advice given by the lawyers. I was also pleased with the meticulous administrative service provided by the support staff, who repeatedly checked and ensured the smooth documentation of the LPAs and wills. I had a very positive experience with Yuen Law and I will recommend their services. Fung Peen, Pei Lih and Ms Tan Geok Tin were outstanding.”

Kum Chee

“We needed a firm who could help with our local and international trade mark protection needs at a reasonable price. We like the team’s responsiveness, and “light touch” approach. Samuel and Jennifer are both headstrong on issues that they feel will represent our best interests. Balancing deal-making with legal considerations is a skill that business people really look for in good lawyers, and they hit the bull’s-eye with this. We hit off our partnership on the right note. I would recommend their services because of their firm’s friendly but serious culture. They are an easy going bunch who cares about their work. “

Chris Hwang, Founder, The Golden Duck

“Doing a will is actually easy with the help of a lawyer. I have been putting it off, thinking that it was difficult and cumbersome to execute. I attended a talk conducted by Yuen Law on Estate Planning. Mr Lim Fung Peen encouraged the audience to make the process of distribution easier for their love ones by taking a simple step to get the will done as soon possible. Mr Lim’s follow up was excellent. I submitted my details to Yuen Law and the next moment, I was at Yuen Law’s office signing my Will. Mr Lim made the effort to explain the key points of the Will. To my surprise executing a will was so simple, and not complicated as I had thought. We work hard to ensure that our love ones are provided for in rainy days, it would be prudent to make the distribution process simpler for them. I encouraged you to spare this little time to get your Will done with Yuen Law.”

BC Ong

“I have known Fung Peen and Samuel since I was a teenager. Fung Peen has always been a mentor and a dependable and faithful friend. He is someone whom I have shared many joyous occasions and tough times. When my mother was considering writing her will, and getting my grandmother’s LPA done, Fung Peen was the first person who came to mind. It was definitely the right decision to go to him. The team at Yuen Law was instrumental in the process. I would like to commend Hedy, who helped translate terms into Cantonese for my grandmother to understand, ensuring that she felt at ease when faced with many documents to sign. Fung Peen was able to explain in the most practical of ways, the short and longer term considerations to help us arrive at our decision. He took the time to explain, to us – laymen, not only the ‘letter of the law’ but the ‘spirit of the law’. I highly recommend Fung Peen and the team at Yuen Law, simply because they embody the core values of integrity, professionalism, and they have demonstrated an outstanding level of care for their clients.”

Eugene Chua

“Yuen Law is prompt and professional. They provide good quality legal advice and services. I would recommend Yuen Law without any hesitation as the firm is very sincere and small business friendly. They take a great deal of interest in understanding a company’s problems and provides direct solutions to problems. The team, Samuel, Cheryl and Jennifer as a whole are a bunch of rock stars and work together closely to solve our problems in a timely and professional manner.”

Aditya Haripurkar, Founder, Hit Pay

“My divorced was finalized a few years ago, I am grateful that Fung Peen “held my hand” and provided expert guidance and advice throughout that very difficult experience. Fung Peen always kept me informed and took pains to make sure that I fully understood the legal process, my options and the consequences of each option I took.  Talking to Fung Peen was like talking to a friend. I was impressed at how Fung Peen was always so well prepared and meticulous in terms of presenting the information/facts needed to support my case.”

Cynndi Lai

“We were always keen to have a will written, but due to a lack of knowledge and fears of a hassle, we have been putting it off. So when Fung Peen approached us to write a will, his professionalism, and caring attitude helped allay our fears. We were unsure of what to state in a will, especially when it came to the appointment of the guardians for our children. Fung Peen was very patient and understood our worries and recommended us an appropriate will suitable for couples with young children. Fung Peen helped us realise the importance of handling finance matters. Fung Peen is sincere, non-judgmental and understands our concerns completely. His approach is gentle and caring, always providing a clear and sincere perspective.”

Roger and Magdalene

“I have worked twice with Yuen Law, first when the firm helped establish Foundation Chinese Opera, a non-profit organisation and later when it managed the registration process of Passerelles numériques, a French non-profit wishing to establish a Singapore base. In both cases Yuen Law proved to be a knowledgeable counsellor and I was also impressed by the follow-up work done. Equally important, charges of Yuen Law have always been very reasonable. Working with Samuel, Cheryl and Shannon has been a pleasure. I therefore highly recommend the firm.”

Ferdinand de Bakker, Managing Director, La Croisette Pte Ltd

“I have known Samuel as a lawyer and friend for a few years. During this time, Samuel has provided me and my companies with invaluable advice and guidance for various commercial transactions. Samuel is also one of the most authentic people you will ever hope to meet in the market place. He takes the extra effort to explain various considerations simply (without legal jargon). Samuel gives very practical and commercially-savvy legal advice. This gave me the confidence we needed to move ahead with our transactions.  With his help and the support of his team, I successfully re-acquired the HSR Group for S$1. Not only is Samuel and his team highly competent and knowledgeable, I know they care for me and are attentive to my concerns and are constantly looking out for my interests and legal rights. I have been doing business for more than 25 over years, and I dare say that it is sometimes difficult to find likeminded business people and entrepreneurs, which is why I value our relationship with Yuen Law greatly.”
Dr Patrick Liew, Entrepreneur of the Year for Social Contributions
Managing Partner, Global Enterprise Exchange


“I needed help in legal aspects of setting up an eco-enterprise and Yuen Law being known to the social enterprise scene was my obvious choice. Yuen Law is upfront about what they propose and flexible in their dealings. I really love how Samuel and the team are so understanding and compassionate towards issues small enterprises face. The team is always quick to help out in any way possible, especially when times got hard. I am grateful for the human side of Yuen Law. Samuel has always been the cheerful and personable one, never once rejecting my need to see him. Cheryl takes great effort to stay in touch and reply promptly! I would definitely recommend Yuen Law because they are very approachable and would never leave anyone hanging.”

Kathy Xu, Founder, The Dorsal Effect

“Usually Law Firms handle their clients through one of their Partners, who are often very busy leading to delays (unless you are a very large priority client of theirs). Yuen Law was the only one who had a dedicated Account Manager, Cheryl, who worked through their organisation internally, and responded to our requirements fast. This has made a big difference to enable us to turn around to our customers.”

Pratha Sen, Regional Managing Director, Prevero Asia Pacific

“We have been working with Yuen Law since organizing our first ever event in Singapore in 2016 that was an international investor-startup conference of 2,000 people. Samuel and his team helped us with the agreements, and gave plenty of consultation on matters big and small. There was no question we couldn’t ask them and no matter too big for them to resolve. Samuel and his team felt right away the right persons to work with – they understood very well the challenges of a small non-profit and were able to read well the startup mentality we had. We highly appreciated the friendly and helping attitude of the whole team. We worked closely with Samuel and Jennifer who are rock solid professionals and were able to give us great advice – and they do everything with a customer-first approach. I can highly recommend Yuen Law to companies big and small, especially to startups that are looking for a legal partner that understands what a startup is going through.”

Anna Ratala, CEO, Pine Cone
Head of Slush Singapore

“I first met Samuel Yuen during a corporate action transaction where Samuel was the legal adviser.  Samuel remained helpful, approachable, responsive and resourceful in spite of the stress and pressure.  Professional, forward looking and positive minded, he never once forgotten to exceed his clients’ expectations and will always be there to provide the best commercial alternatives and solutions. Samuel is committed and supportive of his clients, pragmatic and commercial minded when dealing with issues in the business context.  A competent lawyer, his friendly and approachable character makes him a truly outstanding lawyer.”

Tiong Heng Tee, CFO, Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd 

“Samuel was a patient mentor, knowledgeable teacher and good friend.  He took a strong interest in my development as a law student and often took precious time off his busy schedule to discuss my research and work, as well as to show me the ropes of the profession. My internship experience with Samuel was enjoyable and enriching.”

Victor Leung Wai Yan, RJC Class of 2009, NUS Law, Class of 2016

“I have worked with Samuel on my company’s trade mark matters. He is very knowledgeable and efficient. Will definitely work with him again in other IP issues.” 

Brenda Chan, Managing Director, Mazda Plastic Fty Pte Ltd

“Samuel is very deal-oriented and a lawyer with depth and breadth of knowledge.  He was parachuted into the thick of the action for my transaction.  Not only did he hit the ground running, he was quick in identifying the issues and provided extremely sound and timely advice.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to you!”

Winston Oh, Managing Director, GN ReSound Singapore Pte Ltd

“We were fortunate to have Yuen Law LLC advise us on various issues relating to a partnership arrangement. Samuel gave timely advice and helped us to avoid potential pitfalls of getting deeper into the partnership. We finally ended the partnership not only without any further losses, we also managed to gain back some of the losses. We will like to thank you, Samuel, for being patient, conscientious and diligent throughout the whole process.”

Germaine and Alvin Ong, Black Card Marketing Group

“To say that my internship under Samuel was an eye-opener is a gross understatement. During my 6-weeks internship, not only was I introduced to various practice areas Samuel freely and enthusiastically shared his insights into the legal profession which will certainly prove invaluable for aspiring lawyers like myself. Fears of meaningless menial labour in the office and the pantry were unfounded and my internship experience was truly meaningful. All in all, for a student waiting for law school to commence his law school career, this is one internship that put me in the right frame of mind.”

Michael Bin, RJC Class of 2009, NUS Law, Class of 2016

“Samuel is very thorough. Legal terms are very complicated and confusing to lay people. Samuel is very patient in explaining to us in plain English what the various terms mean. He comes out with very good solutions in resolving any issue.”

Anthony Yeo, Executive Director, Jabez Capital Singapore Pte Ltd

“Sam understands the value of building long lasting relationships with clients; therefore, his services are always aimed at best benefiting those he works with. I have found his services to be truly invaluable.”

Jonathan Horemans, Human Resource Recruiter, Financial Sector


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