A stitch in time saves nine. It is absolutely vital that the right kind of pre-application checks be carried out so that your IP application does not attract objections or oppositions.

The Yuen Law Way dictates that each application should be thoroughly checked for potential conflicts, objections and oppositions and for such potential issues to be assessed for likelihood of occurrence.

Our checks are performed at no added costs to our clients as our interests lie in securing registration, not protracting problem solving. This way, the vast majority (up to 95%, compared to the industry wide estimated average of 60%) of our clients successfully receive their registrations within 6 months of the initial application.

Save money, time and resources by using professionals who are domain experts and who care for your pockets.

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Samuel has a strong reputation for being able to proficiently straddle the complexities of commercial transaction and the intricacies of intellectual property laws. His sharp business acumen allows him to provide innovative legal solutions. Samuel is a firm supporter of start-ups with disruptive potential. Samuel’s idea of fun is playing with his baby girl.

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