“I Wanna Know…”

Knowledge is your bag of tools but not all may use these tools correctly or efficiently.

The Lawyers of Yuen Law LLC firmly believe in arming our clients not just with the tools of business, but with the requisite know how to wield these tools in a safe, effective and profitable manner. The IWK Masterclass series is a series of educational talks and workshops created by our Managing Director Samuel Yuen as a platform for our lawyers to share their Know-How, for 3 specific purposes:

1. to eliminate our clients’ the DKDKs (Don’t know that I don’t know) through the sharing of knowledge;

2. to empower our clients to exploit their KKs (Know that I Know) by strengthening their competitive advantage through legal means; and

3. to protect our clients in their KDKs (Know that I Don’t Know) by utilising our know-how and legal expertise.


email us at 101talk@yuenlaw.com.sg to be informed of upcoming talks.

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