Yuen Law Celebrates 10 Good Years – A Note From Our Managing Director

Samuel Yuen, founder and Managing Director of Singapore law firm Yuen Law LLC. Standing in office with an artwork of a lion and the Bible verse "DO JUSTICE, LOVE KINDNESS AND WALK HUMBLY —  MICAH 6:8"

10 Years…

If I may boast about something, let it be about my God who encouraged us with the unsolicited grace and blessings of friends and clients throughout this journey. This has been a journey with humble beginnings: I was the first lawyer in my whole extended family and was the only candidate from my junior college to be offered a place with NUS Law.

I started this practice 10 years ago with modest personal resources. There were nagging feelings about having no network, no war chest and no pedigree… Having my back against the wall. But through it all, I believed and declared that God ‘had my back’. He had placed and continues to place significant opportunities in my way, learning points from good and bad things alike.

Even when we had lost jobs to competition, when competition had mocked us for being a small firm, when we had to deal with the uncomfortable things in life, God had been there for us through it all.  The times where God has seen us through, these are the milestones that resonates stronger than anything else in my heart, mind and soul, more than our achievements and accolades of men.

The Team at Yuen Law LLC
The Yuen Law Family

God sent me many mentors, patrons, angels, and helpers our way. Cheryl Mok, thank you for being a staunch believer in my vision and not fleeing in fear all those times when we were still a 2-person outfit and I kept laying out my growth vision for the law practice.

I want to thank my family in Yuen Law, past and present. We have had good and bad experiences. I thank you for all your contributions as much as for being a part of my life journey and sparking growth in me. We may not always see eye-to-eye and some of you have moved on to other adventures but it is my sincere hope for you to continue to grow professionally and personally, and likewise strive to leave behind a lasting legacy in the legal industry and life.

Thank you in advance to everyone who continues along this path with me, as we put one foot in front of the other in our enduring journey of personal, professional and corporate excellence. To God be the Glory.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Yuen,
Founding Director
Yuen Law LLC

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